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Home page     about us      macular degeneration      news     resources     in memory     donations  overview     adult md     juvenile md     pictorials     faq’s     eye test     glossary     reports frequently asked questions what is the retina? buy viagra cheap The retina is the back surface inside the eyeball, opposite the lens. It contains millions of light sensitive cells, called rods and cones. An image projected by thelens onto the retina is sensed by the rods and cones as different intensities of light and different colors. When light hits rods or cones, a biochemical reaction occurs, which initiates the transmission of signals along nerve cells to the brain, with information about light, color and position in the retina. In the brain, the signals from throughout the retina are assembled into the experience of seeing what is before us. how to buy viagra online ehow What is the macula? cheap generic viagra The central portion of the retina directly opposite the lens, is called the macula. It is rich in cones, the cells which enable us to see fine detail and color. There are three classes of cones, each most sensitive to a different color: red, green or blue. What is the fovea? At the center of the macula is very small area called the fovea. buy generic viagra Cones are most concentrated in the fovea. Despite its small size, relative to the rest of the retina, the fovea is very important for our ability to see fine detail and color what is macular degeneration? In macular degeneration, the light-sensing cells of the macula mysteriously malfunction and may over time cease to work. generic viagra and viagra Macular degeneration occurs most often in people over 60 years old, in which case it is called age related macular degeneration (armd). Much less common are several hereditary forms of macular degeneration, which usually affect children or teen-agers. Collectively, they are called juvenile macular degeneration. They include best's disease, stargardt's disease, sorsby's disease and some others. best generic viagra uk How is macular degeneration diagnosed? viagra for sale The major symptoms of macular degeneration are: 1) when viewing an amsler grid, some straight lines appear wavy, and some patches of the grid appear blank. 2) when visual acuity is measured with a snellen chart, visual acuity has typically declined by at least 2 lines (e. buy viagra canada G. 20/20 -> 20/80) if macular degeneration has occurred. viagra without prescription 3) in dry macular degeneration, drusen spots are evident in fundus photographs (i. E. Photographs of the retina). 4) in wet macular degeneration, when angiography is performed, leakage of the indicator dye into the bloodstream is seen from blood vessels behind the macula. buying viagra online forums 5) when an electroretinogram is performed, the electrical signal obtained when a point in the macula is illuminated, is weaker or absent com. Welcome to ajstan.com, please use links top right to navigate around website.

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